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Co-Founded by James Fraser and Kevin Pederson, Mining Stocks Investor Guide was created to illustrate the essentials required of an investor interested in the mining industry and to establish a due diligence framework (guide) for investor’s to build on.

The concept of the book began in 2006 and was “officially” launched in February 2008 with our First Edition. Since then we have launched numerous updates of the book to our readers and are excited about the ongoing developments with the book and the markets.

We strongly believe that average investors that learn from their mistakes and conduct their own due diligence can be very successful investors and achieve life changing returns investing in mining stocks.

All the best with your investments!

Kevin Pederson & James Fraser

Video Services

Realizing there was a growing shift from text to video. We launched our Corporate Video Services in late 2012 to help companies explain and share their stories with potential and existing shareholders.

We are also currently exploring some other areas of opportunity with video and educational services for investors which we hope to launch in 2013.


 Two passionate and experienced men, they reveal the complicated world of mining investments in a way that all can comprehend. They get you in the game.

Peter Leeds - The Penny Stock Professional - www.peterleeds.com

I have read many newsletters and books about mining and I would put Mining Stocks Guide at the top of the list.

R. Saathoff - US Individual Investor

Investing in mining stocks is a highly specialized subject and I believe these guys are providing investors interested in mining stocks with valuable information.

Lex Corp Newsletter - www.lexcorporation.org

The industry bible for investing in junior resource exploration companies – a must have

Vince Marciano, CPA, MBA - www.statesidereport.com

I wish i had mining stocks guide 15 years ago when I would spend endless hours deciphering the northern miner and calling company geologists to pick their brain on what is what.

Closing Bell Cafe