Mining Companies Corporate Videos

Generate New Leads And Keep Your Shareholders Informed

We Create And Promote Corporate Videos That Tell Your Story

A fundamental shift has occurred from print based media to online video and investors are using the internet more than ever to search out company information and make investment decisions.

Let us create a 2-3 minute custom motion graphics video to share your “story” with investors. After designing your video we will promote it to our network of 100% targeted mining stock investors and provide you with 24/7 access to top notch analytics so that you know what investors are interested in and what parts of the video they are watching.

Why Video Works

Engage Visitors

Send traffic to your site not Youtube and when videos are properly produced, they captivate the user and the user becomes engaged and ready to follow an embedded call to action.


It's Expected

Video is everywhere and it takes less energy and visitors appreciate not having to navigate, scroll and click to access information.

Video SEO

Boost your search ranking with our searchable video transcripts and you’ll appear in video-only searches. Also, Google weighs video content more heavily in search results.

Conversion Rates

Videos are far more likely to be passed and shared than text-based pages and people love videos because they tell a story that is much easier to remember than plain words.


Sample Of Our Work





 Top-Notch Video Analytics

In addition to the countless hours we’ll spend promoting and working on your video to make sure the end product is EXACTLY how you want it we also provide you with analytics that is second to none.


We can tell you how many times the page(s) where your video is embedded was loaded and by how many people. From this information we can determine a play rate percentage, the number of plays, total hours watched and the average engagement rate.


We can also tell you where your viewers are from, where they watched it (our site or yours) and how much of the video they watched and if they replayed any sections of the video in real time via heatmaps. Try and do that with YouTube!

Not only does this provide you with great information, but it also helps us build future videos that ENGAGE shareholders and give you the best return on investment possible.

Promotion To Targeted Mining Stocks Investors

Being investors in the mining sector ourselves and writing about it since 2008 with Mining Stocks Investors Guide we understand what’s important to investors and know how to make your story stick.

Not only will we design an AWESOME video for you, we will help promote your video through our social media streams and our mailing list to get your video in front of thousands of targeted mining stock investors!


Our 8 Step Process

Step 1: Script

We take your company information and images to produce a script explaining your company story in the most fun, concise, and effective way.

Step 2: Voice-Over

All videos include a professional voice-over of the script, which is also used to create a searchable transcript that search engines love.

Step 3: Storyboard

The combination of the script, voice-over, and animation ideas come together in this step before the project is handed off to the graphics designer.

Step 4: Animation

Illustration ideas are finally brought to life under the watchful eye of a professional motion graphics designers.

Step 5: Sound FX

The animation is handed over to a professional sound designer who will add sound effects and/or music to further enhance your video

Step 6: Editing

Revisions are made until you are satisfied and happy

Step 7: Delivery

We encode the video in high resolution so its speaks quality and is ready for web delivery via our networks and is also embeddable on your website 

Step 8: Promo

This is where the fun part starts! We get to share your video with our network of targeted mining investors and get them engaged in your companies message.


With over 1,600 mining companies trading on the TSX and TSX Venture exchanges how are you standing out?

Lets Get Started!


Custom Motion Graphics Video



What’s included:

  • Custom Video Production
  • Ongoing Promotion To Targeted Mining Investors
  • Video Embed Code For Your WebSite
  • 24/7 Access To Top Notch Video Analytics
  • Video SEO & Searchable Video Transcript
  • Banner Ad Placement (6 months)
  • Discounts on Video Updates